30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Days 26, 27 & 28

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently here lately, but I hope you are sticking with this 30 Day No Sugar Challenge all the way to the end with me.

We’re almost there!  Two more days and you’ll be able to say you went 30 whole days without any sweets.

Daily Recap (of the last few days)

  • Didn’t have much temptation the last few days
  • I am just finding myself not even giving most desserts a second thought.  Though I have had days where the temptation is strong, lately it has subsided (thank goodness)

Sugar Rehab

Are you finding yourself less addicted to sugar now?  I hope so!

It doesn’t mean you’ll never want it or even eat it again, but hopefully you have more control.  So many foods we eat that aren’t even “sweets” have added sugar in them, so we definitely do not need the sugar from desserts, candy, sodas, etc.

Start thinking about what your plan is for handling sugar and desserts once this challenge is over.  Do not think of it as “whew, now I’m done with that.  Now I can go binge on some chocolate!”

I wanted this challenge to be a lifestyle change for me…one that will help me more easily resist the many temptations that come my way.

{If you are new to this challenge, check out this post and watch the video!}


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