30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 7

One week of no sugar!!!

Hope you are feeling as good as I am!  I truly feel empowered to say “no” to sweets and I think my energy level is much higher without all the sugar.

Daily Recap (how my day went without sugar)

  • Cravings were way better today.  In fact, I don’t think I ever thought “man I wish I could have a _______”
  • Had to tell a coworker that I’m not eating any sweets this month, as she was planning to bring in a piece of some “awesome layered cheesecake with caramel and other good stuff on it.”  She kind of looked at me like I was strange.  Oh well!
  • My appetite in general is just more controlled.  Good stuff.

Sugar Rehab

Do you feel confused about reading those labels?  Sometimes they say “sugar free,” sometimes they say “no sugar added,” and others say “reduced sugar.”

Here’s how to decode them (how the FDA defines these terms):

  • “Sugar free” means that it has less than .5 grams of sugar per serving
  • “No added sugars” (or “without added sugar”) means that no sugar was added in the processing of that food
  • “Reduced sugar” or “less sugar” can be used if there is 25% less sugar in that food when compared to a reference food

This is why yogurt may say “no added sugar” instead of “sugar free.”  Yogurt has lactose, which is a natural sugar, but if it says “no added sugar” then they did not add any sugar or any ingredient containing sugar in the processing.  They very possibly added a sugar substitute, though.

Congratulations for making it through the first week without any sweets!  Keep it going!


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