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Lately, I have had this growing realization that part of our “problem” with obesity these days is related to how we view food.  Working in the field of bariatrics, I hear over and over from patients that they just “don’t cook.”  There’s a part of me that sympathizes with that.

I’m not a natural-born cook.  In fact, in college we had classes that involved food science and I was as nervous in those classes as I was in my organic Chemistry!  Growing up, I could have learned more from my mom but I was always more interested in other things that were “more important.”

But I have always been interested in being healthy.  And part of being healthy does usually involve some food prep.  I have grown to enjoy cooking and am loving experimentation with new recipes and new ways of food preparation.

Having a family (a husband and 2 small children), I feel so much more passionate than ever that we need to live a healthy lifestyle.  As a very busy mom, I love finding quick, healthy, and delicious recipes.  I love making some things from scratch.  And I LOVE it when I somehow sneak something healthy into my almost-5-year-old-pickiest-eater-I’ve-ever-known’s mouth!

It’s so easy for busy families (including mine) to not take the time to sit across the kitchen table for dinner (or other meals) and savor our food and time together.  But it is so rewarding when we do – in spite of the 2 year old’s ear-piercing squeals!

Join me on my constant endeavor to find new ways to make the kitchen table enjoyable, inviting and relaxing —  with delicious, healthy (usually) food that the whole family enjoys.

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