Beet Shake Recipe

Today I came up with a beet shake recipe, and it was so good I had to share.

beet shake recipe

The other day, my Little Buddy asked me if we could buy a beet.  A BEET!  This is coming from my picky eater!

So…I of course made sure to pick some up from the store.  I’ll admit, I’ve never bought beets.  I know, horrible that a dietitian has never purchased a single beet.  I did not grow up eating beets and I’ve never really eaten a beet that tasted good to me!

Well, this week for our food chart, we are doing strawberries.  Every day this week the Little Buddy has been eating fresh strawberries with cool whip, but his little brother finished those off this morning, so we decided to do a shake in the Vita-mix with frozen strawberries.

And what better time to add some beet?!

It was absolutely delicious!

vita-mix beet shake

Beet Shake Recipe

1 cup vanilla low fat yogurt

1 banana

6-8 frozen strawberries

1/2 beet

water as needed for consistency you like

(note: we added a little bit of apple juice to make it sweeter but you could skip this – and I may next time!)


The Vita-Mix allows you to just throw in the raw beet in big chunks and completely pulverizes it, but if you are using a regular blender you could always cook the beet and puree it if needed.

This beet shake was seriously delicious and was a fun hot pink color!  Both of my boys liked it, but my picky eater actually loved it and asked for a refill!

Beets are a great source of fiber, folate, potassium and manganese.  I’m going to be trying some other fun things with beets, and if any of them taste good I’ll share them soon!

But for now, I’ll be making beet shakes.


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