Smoothies and Cookbooks

For all you busy people out there (isn’t that everyone??) I have a few thoughts on health and time management.

I ordered a cookbook recently, which I have been dying to actually use.  It’s a classic.

joy of cooking cookbook This book is amazing.  It’s not just a cookbook with recipes, it is like a cooking novel.

But here’s the thing: I haven’t used it yet.

Why?  Because I can’t seem to muster up the time and energy for it right now!  It looks pretty on my shelf and I do plan to use it eventually.

So with life pulling from all directions (i.e. screaming 2 year old pulling on my workout pants that I have on because I plan to go work out as soon as I get dinner cooked), how can we really focus on being  healthy?

My simple thought on this is that we just keep trying to find what works for us.  And everyone is different.

Here is what works for me (some days):

vita-mix smoothie Which turns into this (in my Vita-mix):

vitamix smoothie {By the way, I threw everything into my Vita-mix and took this to work with me}

Making a smoothie with all of that fiber (berries, flax seed, carrots, etc) and protein (from milk and protein powder mostly) will keep you satisfied and takes so little time to prepare.

Vita-mix smoothies can also be made in a regular blender, but it just may not get quite as smooth as with the vita-mix (but still super delicious).

As a busy mom, I can think of 101 excuses for not eating healthy, so I just have to keep doing what works for that moment.



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