Stop and Smell the….Mess.

I don’t do this very often, but occasionally I have something on my mind regarding motherhood that I just have to get out. And hope that it will resonate with at least one other person.

I want to write about a topic in a realistic way. It’s the topic of how we spend our time.

I would venture to say that I spend 80% of my time (if not more) cleaning, cooking, telling one or both of my boys to stop aggravating each other, doing laundry or changing diapers. You know, the mundane stuff.

I’m not a perfectionist, but I find myself feeling that I have to keep the house as straight as possible, and I get in these moods where I don’t want for there to be any dirty dishes in the sink. EVER.

I think it’s a control thing, though. It’s like, if I can just keep things looking good around here, I’m in control.

Well, yesterday was one of those does, if you know what I mean. Where the boys watched way too much Spider-man while I frantically tried to keep every dish in the house clean, every toy that wasn’t being played with picked up (psycho, I know!) and every piece of laundry washed. I felt like I was running around in circles! And as the day went on, I realized that I was not spending any time really with the boys.

Fast forward to tonight. The boys are in bed, I’m exhausted from a busy day, and I see a pile. A pile of toys that were not put away and I start to feel the need to put them away.

Then it all just came to me. I really need to “stop and smell the roses.” {and since nothing in a house with 1 grown man and 2 little men smells like roses, I will just say “stop and smell the mess”}

It’s not like we, as mothers, can just sit and play Candy Land all day long with our kids every day. Let’s face it: no one would have clean underwear or food to eat!

But if you are a “busy body” like me, who frantically runs in circles all day, just remember that your children won’t remember the little messes in the house, but they will remember, love and cherish the moments you spend with them.



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