Growing Basil

basil in jars

As you may have figured out by now, I love basil.  Because I love pesto.

Not only have I begun making my own pesto, but I also freeze it so that I can enjoy the deliciousness of pesto later!

I’ve been wanting to grow my own basil for quite a while, but just kept putting it off.  Finally, one day, we ventured to the farmer’s market and I bought a beautiful large pesto plant.  I figured that if nothing else, I’d get my money’s worth just on the basil already on there!

basil plant Now let me be honest here.  I do not  have a green thumb.  I was taking quite a chance with this plant!

I read a few articles about how to prune the basil plant (and even watched some videos).  And then I got to pruning!

basil leaves pruning basil pruned basil basil pruning basil in mason jars


The Little Stinker loved playing in his pot too!

basil in kitchen basil in measuring cup I was able to get a good two batches of pesto out of this basil!  So right there, the plant paid for itself in pesto.

I bought the plant at the beginning of September, and the plant already has another batch of pesto ready to be made.

With the cooler weather lately, it hasn’t required much watering.  I know there won’t be much more growth before the cold weather gets here, but I am so excited about growing basil again next year!

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One Response to Growing Basil

  1. felice lim October 25, 2011 at 12:40 am #

    hi, i am from Singapore !!
    does it takes 2 mths to grow ? i am new in gardening.
    does basil needs lots of sun ?
    thanks for sharing.

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