30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Days 29 & 30!!!!

Congratulations!  You made it 30 days with no “sweets.”

This challenge was not meant to necessarily be anything extreme (unless you wanted it to be).  For me, I knew that cutting out desserts and “sweets” such as chocolate, cookies, etc. would benefit me tremendously.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

My cravings decreased to almost nothing.  I learned what my actual weaknesses are.  I gained control.

I hope this 30 Day No Sugar Challenge has benefited you as well!

The key now is to lose the ground you have gained.  If you went 30 days without sweets, you have cut out one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

Keys to Maintaining a Sugar-Less Lifestyle

  1. Save sweets for special occasions.  If you’re like me, I can find a “special occasion” to celebrate with sweets at least once a day.  The problem is, we slowly start eating more and more sweets until it’s just a part of our everyday lives.
  2. Don’t keep it around.   Unless you’re a super-self-controlled person, it’s probably best to not let it in the house.
  3. Eat more fruit.  Eating fruit may help to curb the appetite as it gives the natural sweetness.
  4. If you find yourself getting off-track, just start again.  You don’t have to do a 30-day challenge, but sometimes just avoiding it for a day or two might get you back on track.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this 30-day journey towards a healthier you!

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