30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 8

If someone tempts me with another piece of chocolate cake I might scream at them.

Not really, but I am slightly annoyed with how often we, as a society, need to “celebrate” with desserts.

At the surgical practice I work at, drug reps bring food in all.the.time.  And they know that we are so excited when they bring dessert in (along with a high calorie meal, usually involving some type of fried meat).

So I’ve been trying to keep it on the D.L. (I know, that phrase is showing my age!) that I’m not eating sweets this month, because I just don’t want to make it into a big deal.  But today, one of the nurses set aside a piece of this cake JUST FOR ME.  Normally, unfortunately, I’d be grateful.  Today, not so much.

So, I finished my meal and jetted out of the office to go get some coffee in another building and thankfully no one said anything.

Isn’t it amazing, though?  We are constantly bombarded with sugar!

And, like I’ve said before, I’m not against eating some sugar.  Moderation is good.  It’s just that I’m realizing that we’re tempted by it on an almost daily basis.  At least I am.  And I don’t even keep it in the house often!

Daily Recap (how my day went without sugar)

  • Resisted 2 different desserts!
  • Felt some strong cravings at times, probably because the chocolate cake in the office looked so rich and moist
  • Overall, my mood and energy levels are just so much better

Sugar Rehab

Ever wondered about the difference (nutrition-wise) between sugar and honey?

In a nutshell, sugar has about 15 calories per teaspoon and  honey has about 21 calories in a teaspoon.  That kind of makes it sound like honey is worse for you, right?

Calorie-wise they are very similar, but the benefit of honey is that it tastes sweeter than sugar.  That means you can use less of it while achieving the same sweetness.  This could end up saving you calories!

Even honey is added calories, though sometimes you may need it for its sweetening purposes.

An even better way to sweeten without using sugar OR honey: add applesauce or some other type of fruit!
Hope you are feeling great on the 8th day of this 30 Day No Sugar Challenge!

*If you are new to this blog, watch the video on this post to know what all of this challenge stuff is about.  Then join me on this challenge that will improve your health!

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