30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 6

On this 6th day of no sweets, I had a moment of realization.  This afternoon, I craved something sweet.  It was overcast outside, and I was sleepy.

It hit me that we so often crave sweets (or carbs in general) when we are tired.  We think it will give us a boost.

I ate my grapes and tried to ignore the craving and eventually it went away.

Daily Recap (how my day went without sugar)

  • Ate fruit instead of something sweet (hooray for “nature’s candy”)
  • Chocolate craving is strong due to hormones (I would usually give in!)
  • Was told by someone at work that I looked different today (could it be that cutting out sweets is making me less bloated? or maybe I looked sad because I didn’t have any chocolate?!)
  • Am loving just not having any sweets around the house.  We celebrates birthdays in the family recently and for a while we were keeping some sweets around the house.  Not good.

Sugar Rehab

Find out what your triggers are.  Is it stress that makes you want sugar?  Being tired?  Hormones? Just a daily habit for you?

Learning what your triggers are can help you better manage your cravings for sugar.

For example, now that I know I crave something sweet in the afternoon, I can be sure to have a piece of fruit nearby.

Start thinking about when and why you crave sweets.  An occasional treat for yourself is one thing, but if you crave sweets often, it’s important to determine the trigger for it.

Since being tired is one of my “triggers,” I am going to bed now so I can be ready for Day 7 tomorrow!  Almost one week down!

If you are new to the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, read this post first!

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