30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 5

Hard to believe it’s been five days with NO SWEETS!

Wanna know my favorite thing about doing this?  By just determining that I’m not eating any sweets right now, I don’t have to fight that little battle in my head every time I see something sweet.  You know, the battle where your taste buds are screaming “Give me chocolate!” but your mind knows you really shouldn’t have another piece!

Daily Recap (how my day went without sugar)

  • Celebrated a holiday (Labor Day) with NO SWEETS successfully!
  • Feeling great, working out more

Sugar Rehab

This will be short and sweet because it’s been a full day and tomorrow is coming way too soon!

Just want to encourage you to be a mindful eater.  For example, ask yourself why you are grabbing that snack.  Is it because you are tired and want energy?  Is it because you are stressed?

I think oftentimes we want something sweet in the afternoon because it’s when our energy level is the lowest.  We know we have a lot left to get done in the day, yet do not feel that we have the energy for it.

By being more mindful, you may be able to pinpoint those times of the day and reasons why you may eat something “junky.”  Believe it or not, eating something that includes a complex carbohydrate (fruit, whole grain) and protein source (light string cheese, peanut butter) will give you more lasting energy.

Keep in mind, also, that exercise can really help increase your energy and possibly even weaken those cravings for sugar.

Keep it up!

(If you have not yet joined the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, start here.)

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