30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 2

We’ve made it through the first two days with no sugar!

No sugar for two.whole.days.

Today, I realized how bombarded we are with sweets.  For some reason, every sweet food ever made just jumped out at me and begged me to eat it.

Let’s start with Arby’s.  No, I didn’t eat there.  But, the sign I saw when driving by really caught my attention: “Jamocha Oreo Milkshake.”  What?!  Anything with Oreo is just plain good.  I probably better never even taste that milkshake.

Then, the fudge brownies at the checkout counter at Chick-fil-a just looked so super-fudgey and full of goodness.  Oh well.

Thankfully, I didn’t go to the grocery store hungry.  But I bought a magazine while I was there, and when I got home, I could see through the bag that there was a Breyer’s Oreo Blast ice cream ad on the back.  Seriously?

How can so many things just call your name and beg you to eat them?

Actually, I felt pretty strong in resisting.  It did occur to me, however, how often we are bombarded with these temptations.  No wonder so many of us are addicted to this stuff!

Daily Recap (how my day went with no sugar)

  • Being a Friday night, I probably felt a little more tempted to indulge in something sweet (it’s so fun to eat ice cream on a Friday night!)
  • I think physiologically I felt different today
  • I realized how unnecessary sugar is
  • Grocery shopping was a little boring with no fun little treats (but maybe I saved some money)

Sugar Rehab

You are probably really starting to see what habits you actually had with sugar.  It’s amazing how big a part of our lives sugar is.  I am not against ever eating sugar, but sugar has really become way too important in our diets.

Here are some tips for breaking those bad habits:

If you…

like something sweet after every meal


brushing your teeth or chewing minty gum right after a meal

If you…

like to eat sweet breakfast foods


to make your own oatmeal with honey and fruit

If you…

Crave something sweet in the afternoon


a protein bar (may satisfy that craving and also give you a good bit of added protein)


Habits are hard to break sometimes, but if you stick with me for these 30 days, you will start to leave the old habits behind.


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