30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 15

Congratulations!  You are half-way through this lifestyle-changing 30-day challenge!!!

Daily Recap

  • 2 different desserts were offered to me today at work.  I said “no” to both.
  • Got on the scale this morning and my weight was down a couple of pounds.  Haven’t been doing anything different other than cutting out the sweets!
  • I did eat pancakes with regular syrup tonight (*gasp*).  I know this is technically a “sweet” but somehow it just doesn’t have the same affect psychologically on me as eating pound cake or chocolate chip cookies.

Sugar Rehab

Today marks the halfway mark for the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge.  Hopefully you feel encouraged by that!

To be honest, I am feeling so much better than when I was eating a good bit of sugar.  I’m almost scared for the challenge to end.  Scared that I may fall back into “old” habits.

Here’s the thing about it, though: even if you start eating some sweets after this challenge is over, don’t make it a habit.  Habits are a way of life, and eating very little sugar should be our way of life.  Eating a dessert really should be a special occasional treat (not a daily treat).

Make this new way of eating a habit for you!




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