30 Day No Sugar Challenge: Day 11

Today I missed the social aspect of eating sweets.  We had family over for dinner and normally my favorite part of the meal would be dessert.

But today…no dessert!

Truthfully, we had a good visit with family and did not really miss the dessert that much.  Having something sweet after dinner when company comes over is just one of those little habits that you don’t realize is there until it’s gone.

Daily Recap (how my day went with no sugar)

  • No sweets despite the fact that we had people over for dinner
  • Craving chocolate today
  • Ate a “no sugar added” Klondike bar.  Wasn’t that good, but it did help to curb the craving!

Sugar Rehab

Ever seen the term “sorbitol” in an ingredient list on a food and wondered what it was?

It’s actually a sugar alcohol, along with xylitol, manitol and maltitol.  There are a few other names of sugar alcohol compounds, and you can recognize them on the labels because they all end in “ol.”

So what are sugar alcohols?  They are compounds that add sweetness to foods without nearly the same amount of calories that regular sugar has.  Sugar alcohols are often used in conjunction with artificial sweeteners to balance out the extreme sweetness of artificial sweeteners.

You can overdo sugar alcohols, and when you do, you will likely feel some gastrointestinal distress.  Sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect, so it’s important to eat only in moderation.


If you’re struggling to stick with the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, find a sugar-free (or no sugar added) version of your favorite food to help you deal with cravings!


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