Simplify Your Life

I’m busy, are you?

Oh, the ever-elusive dream of perfect balance, simplicity and order.

Maybe that’s why I love the Real Simple magazine.  The cover always looks…well, simple.  All the colors match, they are organized and they all have a certain “look.”

Do you feel that you need to simplify your life?  I think most of us want simplicity, but the reality is that life is not always simple.  Sometimes it’s just downright crazy!  Maybe I feel that way more because my kids are very young…maybe not?  Maybe I’ll still feel that way in 10 or 15 years…I guess I will find out.

What really got me thinking about the issue of simplicity is something that came in the mail today.  It was a flyer for a major internet/cable provider.  It was advertising some kind of new thing that is an app for an iPad to be able to watch HD cable TV anywhere in your home or something like that.

#1: I don’t have an iPad.

#2: I don’t have cable (I know, crazy isn’t it?)

Don’t get me wrong: I am not downing iPads or cable or HD or anything.  But I just feel a little overwhelmed with all the new crazy stuff coming out every day.  I love technology…it is how I am writing this blog post right now.

But somewhere, we have to draw a line in our own individual lives.  Which is why I am about to end this post.  Because all of my family is telling me I need more sleep.

Here’s my point:

If our lives are too complicated and full of “stuff” for us to take care of ourselves (i.e. get adequate sleep, eat right, exercise, spend time with family) then we need to simplify.

Cut out the unnecessary so you can do the necessary: healthy living!



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