Calm Dinner Fail

The above picture only partially shows you what failed about my dinner tonight.

I was combining two recipes: one was a Martha Stewart Quiche and the other one was from AllRecipes.  Unfortunately, I did not see until smoke was coming out of the oven, that most of the 600 reviews on AllRecipes recipe did report a flaw in the ingredients list.

Though almost everyone reported that it tasted great, they also reported that the recipe called for way too much milk in the quiche.  This resulted in an overflow of quiche ingredients into the pans I frantically placed under it while it was cooking and into the bottom of my oven.

On top of that, I somehow kept knocking things over all night in the kitchen.  Do you ever have those days?  It’s like your elbow is a magnet to every glass and breakable object in site?

I knocked this glass multiple times!

On top of how disastrous the preparation of the meal turned out, the Little Buddy and Little Stinker were just so wound up once we did finally sit down to eat.  The only calm moment is when we said the blessing.

But, as you will see in my post tomorrow, the Quiche did turn out to be delicious and we all got a meal.

The moral of this story is that we just cannot always attain a calm, delicious, beautiful meal.  This is real life.

Enjoy your life.  Enjoy your family.  Find joy in the small things.

Like this puppy I found on the floor next to the glass I kept knocking around!

So was this a dinner fail?  Nah.


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